Even in this day and age of computerized accounting, you will want to discover the versatility of One-Write Systems for data input for certain applications. For example, One-Write Systems provides convenience in check writing that is not available in computer systems. One-Write checks can be written instantly, as needed, either inside or outside the office. Then, the One-Write System Check Register provides an accurate copy of every check written for posting to the computer "after the fact".


Control Patient Billings and Improve Collections!

A successful healthcare practice must maintain control over the many transactions required when providing quality services to patients. Requirements for controlling production, insurance billing, cash and bank deposit have never been more important.

  • PATIENT receipts controls cash payments and provides patient with insurance information.
  • A SINGLE on the top form assures that the collect charges and paynents are recorded accurately on all the other forms.
  • PATIENT'S ledger is always up-to-date.
  • SELF balancing journal proves accuracy of all entries and controls bank deposits.
  • SYSTEM provides flexibility to meet individual practice requirements.


A time-saving system that provides Receipts, Controls Cash and Bank Deposits!

Save two-thirds writing time with this efficient Cash Receipting System. You eliminate the old fashioned receipt books that require transferring information from duplicate receipts to a cash receipt ledger and a bank deposit ticket as separate entries. With this systen you make one entry on the Receipt and an accurate copy of the transaction is automatically trasferred to the Deposit Listing Form and Cash Receipts Journal. To make a deposit, simply write the total amount of the deposit on a regular bank deposit ticket and attach it to the Deposit Listing Form.

  • WRITE receipts, create bank deposit detail and record cash receipts in one entry.
  • CONTROL cash becuase monies received must be deposited to the bank.
  • DISTRIBUTION columns on the cash receipt journal identifying sources of income.
  • PROVIDES positive audit trail of cash receipts and deposits.
  • SYSTEM uses inexpensive standard forms and is easy to install and use.



An efficient system that handles payroll and disbursement transactions and meets the American National Standards Institute requirements for bank processing!

The Combination Payroll/Disbursement Check Writing System is designed to comply with new banking requirements which supports automated systems that reduce errors and improve banking efficiency. This high productivity system is housed in a compact Folding Board. A spearate Journal Binder is available for permanent storage of posted journals.

  • Combination Payroll/Disbursement System
  • Accounts Payable System
  • Attorney's Accounting System
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Cash Receipting System
  • Healthcare Accounting System
  • Property Management System
  • Dramatically Reduces Recordkeeping Time
  • Insures That all Entries are Posted Accurately
  • Increases Control Over Accounting Functions
  • Compatible Double Window Envelopes Avaliable
  • Custom Designed Systems Available...
  • Custom Systems available if needed, just call!


Double window envelopes save addressing time and printing costs. Firm name shows through upper window. Payee's name shows through lower window and are compatiable with all pegboard systems.


We have a variety of "stock" One-Write-Systems available and the capabilites of designing a system to meet your needs. For more information, please give us a call.

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